Investment loan-en

Investment loan

Granted for up to 20 years

Repayment formula: instalment loan (equal or decreasing instalments) or a revolving limit

Even up to 80% of the value of net investment outlays

With or without collateral

The possibility of VAT financing

Loan is granted for a specific purpose, so you need to document the use of funds

Interest at a variable rate

The interest rate on this loan is relatively low

Available for:

Purchase, construction, or extension of facilities

Modernisation, adaptation, or renovation of commercial real estate

Purchase of real estate intended for rent or resale

Repayment of liabilities caused by credits, loans, and limits

Refinancing of investment expenditures incurred in the last 12 months

Loan consolidation

This loan is perfect for you if:

You need a loan that can be granted from the first day of business operation. In such case, future income from the financed investment, based on the business plan, is taken into account to assess the capacity

You are dependent on a flexible approach to calculating creditworthiness – the analysis may take the current income from business activities and future income (e.g. from the rental of the financed real estate) into account

You wish for increased financial liquidity - a long loan period means low loan instalments and low monthly costs, which do not significantly burden the company's budget

You seek savings - an investment loan is a cheaper solution than a current operations loan – investment loans offer lower rates of investment

Aim to support creativity and innovation – you simply need to document your experience in the industry the investment is related to and present a good, profitable business idea, supported by reliable calculations

You need an easy start – there is a possibility of granting a grace period in the repayment of capital instalments of up to 36 months, you can use the saved funds for current expenses or the development of the company.



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