Line of credit-en


Line of credit in the current activities:

With or without collateral

Up to PLN 600,000 with no collateral

Up to PLN 3 million (with collateral)

The line is granted for a specified period of 12, 24 or 36 months. After this time it is possible to extend the limit

The interest is paid on the amount used

Funds for any financial purpose - no need to document their spending

The minimum business age - 12 months

This loan is perfect for you if:

You value flexibility and freedom in the decision process. You can acquire funds for any purpose. You don’t need to document the spending. No invoices or business plans required.

You want your company to grow fast - additional funds for expanding the scope of activity, expanding the range, etc

You need security – optional loan insurance, additional capital for unforeseen situations

You wish to increase your company's liquidity

You aim to increase your company's competitiveness by enlarging the scope and quality of services.

You like to save money while they work for you - interest on the loan is considered tax deductible costs, interest payments reduce any tax due

This product is meant for companies that care about securing their liquidity and that want to create a buffer for unforeseen situations (income delays, unexpected expenses), but they do not require these funds immediately on the date of granting the limit. The company only pays the grant fee when it does not need to use the funds; it does not incur any additional costs

It is also a solution that generates lower monthly costs for the company because the only monthly payment is the interest on the amount of funds used. The company is not charged with monthly payments of capital instalments, which is usually the case with a loan.



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